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Changing Job Pension Action List

Expats have more than most to think about when switching jobs as they are often moving countries and adapting to a new culture as well. It’s no surprise some important financial matters like pensions are sometimes ignored in favour of day-to-day living. New research from investment firm Fidelity Internationalfound that one in five people moving […]

Thinking Of Making A Pension Switch?

More than 100,000 retirement savers gave up rights to their workplace direct benefit pensions last year in favour of a cash lump sum. With a debate raging in the financial industry trying to decide if switching out of a direct benefit scheme is a sound financial decision, it’s time to look at some reasons why […]

EU Expats Should Not Worry About Their UK Pensions After Brexit

European expats worried about what happens to their UK pensions if Brexit negotiations fail to deliver a residency deal that allows them to stay in Britain need not worry. The money they have paid into personal pensions or in readiness to draw the state pension belongs to them and no one can touch the funds. […]

Top Five Pension Questions Asked By The Over 55s

The government’s free Pension Wise advice service for pension savers has revealed the top five questions asked by those planning their retirement. The service was set up when the government introduced pension freedoms for the over 55s in April 2015. The aim was to offer guidance about how to access their pension cash and plan […]

What Happened To QROPS Expat Pensions In 2017?

Expats have seen some big changes in QROPS offshore pension schemes during 2017. A massive qualifying rules overhaul by HM Revenue & Customs in April saw a new pension age test introduced. The rule stopped any pension paying benefits to anyone aged less than 55 years old and opened the way for the offshore schemes […]

Average Pensioner Retires Owing £34,000

Debts are weighing down the over 55s so much that many have no choice other than borrowing against their homes to clear what they owe on retirement. The average pensioner retires with £34,000 of debts on credit cards, mortgages, loans, overdrafts and other borrowings. Rather than pay this money with pension cash, one in three […]

How Much Will You Need To Save For Retirement?

The big unknown for retirement savers is how long they are likely to live and how much money they will need to fund a comfortable lifestyle. The question is now partly answered by new statistics released by the official Public Health England (PHE). Men can now expect to live to an extra 19 years after […]

Pensioners Regret Not Saving Enough Retirement Cash

The biggest regret for most pensioners is that they failed to start saving or make the right decisions about their retirement savings early enough, according to new research. One in four pensioners regret not starting to save earlier in life, while one in five now realise they should have saved more. The research by The […]

Young Savers Expect To Retire Too Early

Young workers seem to have an unrealistic expectation that they will live longer and have more money when they retire. Even though they will have smaller pension funds and will have to wait until they are much older for the state pension, they still expect to give up work at a younger age, says research […]

Retirement Shock Kicks In When You’re 35

If you are around 35 years old a pensions reality check is about to set in and alter your perceptions about savings, according to a new survey. At 35, you have reached the age when the concept of retirement and how much money you need to provide a comfortable income start to hit home. Forget […]