About Us

Qrops.net is an association of the world’s leading QROPS advisers. Selected from the most prestigious financial advisory firms from around the globe.

Encompassing the world’s largest independent financial advisory and complimented by a host of experienced, local firms, we can give you the expert QROPS guidance you need, wherever you’re based.

To this end, we are proud to offer advice from our regulated offices in the USA – a relative rarity for international finance firms due to the strict regulations overseeing the country’s finance industry.

For all the jurisdictions we operate in, including America, we are fully licensed and regulated by that country’s laws.

We now number some 80 offices around the world, which allows us produce international reports on the QROPS industry, and consult with the most stable product providers in each jurisdiction – all to ensure we keep you informed of the best possible scheme for your needs.

Our advisors

Due to the complexity of these transfers, we only invite expatriate-focused advisories who have demonstrated their aptitude in the QROPS market to join our group.

These firms contain professionals who have received endless client statements testifying to their knowledge, ability, and on-going track record.

Whether by phone, online, or face to face, they ensure you receive expert pension advice tailored to your unique circumstances. We have QROPS advisers specialised in many different nationalities, including USA citizens and residents, Indian nationals, South African residents and British expats.

What’s more, our unique, borderless approach ensures that wherever you move, we move with you; whether by phone, email, or an agreed progression to a local advisor.

In essence, by working with our Qrops.net advisors, you are connecting to the world’s largest group of QROPS experts – and can therefore secure the best possible outcome for your retirement.