Jurisdictions for QROPS

A QROPS jurisdiction is a country where a UK pension can be transferred to. QROPS are formed in these jurisdictions to take advantage of the favourable tax rules or due to its popularity with expats.

HM Revenue and Custom’s legislation on these jurisdictions is regularly updated to monitor and improve the system – with non-conformity meaning a whole country can be delisted.

Notable examples which continue to grow from strength to strength include Malta and the Isle of Man, which are both known for their financial stability and favourable tax treatment.

You can follow the links to learn more about the best QROPS jurisdictions below:


Malta is an established QROPS jurisdiction with stability and an ever-growing reputation. Due to its DTA with the USA, it is of particular benefit to those residing in the States.


Unusually for a British overseas territory, Gibraltar is considered a member of the EU for many sectors – including financial services – and now is known as one of the most regulated.

Isle of Man

With a triple ‘A’ sovereign rating from Moody’s and an AA+ from Standard & Poor’s, Isle of Man QROPS are stable, low tax options in a globally acclaimed finance hub.


Jersey has been established as a leading international centre of finance for more than 50 years. Now they offer globally accessible QROPS products.

New Zealand

New Zealand remains a popular choice for expats with UK pensions as it has a flexibility unmatched by most other destinations.


One of the most popular destinations for British expats, with strict regulations and stable economy Australia QROPS look promising, however Third Party QROPS may offer you a better solution while residing Down Under.