Below are some of the kind words from clients we have hekped from around the world. These are testimonials for our advisers and service that QROPS Group offer and show why we are the leaders in QROPS pension advice and transfers.

Karen and Mike Sturridge – Valencia, Spain

After moving to Spain 6 years ago, I learnt from a friend about the possible benefits of transferring my pension overseas, away from the uncertainty (and restrictiveness of the UK). I worked as a Nurse for 25 years and was interested to see if I could benefit from better tax regulations or more freedom – something which my UK pension was not providing. Having made an enquiry with QROPSGroup.com, one of their advisors – Steven, got in touch and was able to explain everything to me in terms I was able to understand. After talking everything through with my husband, we decided to take a QROPS in Malta upon Steven’s recommendation, and I was delighted with the entire process from start to finish, so much so that we are now looking to transfer my husband’s three UK pensions into a single QROPS too. I think the benefits of QROPS are there for all to see once they are explained properly, and I thank QROPSGroup for making that possible. Will recommend that all my friends make enquiries with you. Thanks!

Vishnar Khan – Mumbai, India

My wife and I are from India originally, however we moved to the UK 30 years ago to raise a family that would have access to the top education system in the world. We have now moved back to India to retire and thanks to advice from QROPSGroup.com, we found an excellent scheme in India that we were able to transfer both of our UK pensions into. We now have access to our savings in our own country and in the currency we need, I have also arranged for any remaining money to go to my wife should anything happen to me. This was not an option in the UK.

Kate Burrows – Abu Dhabi, UAE

I took a private pension out with a UK provider 15 years ago, however the growth against the amount I was contributing was minimal. I was unable to do anything about this while residing in the UK, but I moved to the UAE in 2009 and took my pension out of the UK in the form of a QROPS. My pension is now ticking along very nicely in Gibraltar, and with the help of QROPSGroup.com I was able to find a fund which offered me freedom of choice in investments, as well as tax-efficiency compared to the scheme I has in the UK. I am now planning on early retirement!

Jared Rodriguez – New York, USA

I’d read a lot about QROPS, but being American I didn’t think it was relevant to me due to the tax regulations we have back in the US. I worked in London, England for 15 years for an investment bank so had accrued a nice-sized pension which I assumed I would have to leave there, even though I’d left for a job back in New York. I was informed by QROPSGroup.com that I would be able to transfer my pension into a scheme in Malta that would offer me tax-efficiency and would meet up to IRS regulations. Since making the transfer I have found the after-care and advice offered to me through QROPSGroup.com to far exceed my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with the work they have done for me.

Darryl Ferndown – Chicago, USA

I heard about QROPSGroup.com through a friend who downloaded their guide. One of the worst aspects of my pension was that if I were to die, the money in my pension would go to the government qand my family would gety nothing. I downloaded the QROPS guide and having read through it, I asked for somebody to speak to me about making the transfer. Now it’s all done and my wife and kids are named as beneficiaries on my pension should anything happen to me. We live in the USA now and this is one less thing for me to worry about as we try to adapt to our new country of residence.

David Webb – Brisbane, Australia

I had a defined benefit pension in the UK while I was there, and I continued to pay into it despite living in Australia for the last 10 year. However, when all I have been reading about in the UK news is the huge deficit in pension funds, it worried me enormously. Thanks to QROPSGroup.com I was able to build up a knowledge of exactly how taking a QROPS could benefit me and most importantly; offer me the peace of mind knowing that I will get full access to my entire pension. If I had kept my savings in the UK, I just don’t know what may have happened. Thanks!

Stephen Mitchell – Sevilla, Spain

Although I enjoyed the flexibility in terms of investment choice offered by a SiPP scheme in the UK, my concern was that I have moved to Spain and I intend to retire here (for obvious reasons). With the weakening “Great British” pound, I was worried that by the time my pension was ready to be drawn, and was transferred into the Euro, I would have lost a substantial amount through the exchange rate and the various fees attached with the monthly transfer. By transferring into a Spanish based scheme, this uncertainty was alleviated. I also was pleased to know that my funds would pay out to my wife in the event of my death. I found QROPSGroup to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. Will be recommending to my friends.

 Janet Simmonds – Seville, Spain

“So refreshing to speak with people who seem to genuinely be committed to my financial well-being rather than trying to force me into something which may not be suitable, as has happened previously. Really pleased I found out about your team at QROPSGroup. Thanks so much for your help over the past few months, will recommend to my friends and colleagues who are in the same boat as I was.”

Patricia Coleman – Durban, S Africa

“I had to look at my pension in light of all the changes happening back in the UK. I approached QROPSGroup and they looked at my situation with me and found a variety of options which would put me in a much better place for when I retire in 15 years. If I had left my money in the UK, I doubt I would have been retiring in 15 years, that’s for sure! Thanks to the team at QROPSGroup for all your guidance.”

Simon Prior – Hong Kong, China

“All the intricacies of performing a QROPS transfer were dealt with and simplified in a manner I could never have expected. I felt like I was involved fully in the process from start to finish, and I am so relieved to have moved my money away from the UK, where doubts were continually being cast over the potential for my retirement to actually be comfortable.”