Public Pensions

As of April 2015, British pension savers with un-funded defined benefit schemes in place will be prevented from transferring their savings to alternative schemes which could potentially offer better terms, rates of return, stability and flexibility.

This includes those that have worked in:

Local Government

Find out more about how you could benefit from a QROPS transfer from a LGPS. Thousands of expats have already taken
advantage of the scheme.


Your NHS pension has seen benefits slashed, retirement ages increase, and is set to be further restricted. There is an alternative option.


As a Teacher, you were made promises on pensions which will not now be fulfilled, is there a better option for you?


Having served the
Government under increasingly demanding conditions, pension holders are now facing up to the reality of reduced retirement.


Austerity measures are having a huge impact on the Armed Forces, and pensions are not exempt from these cut backs. However, there is a way out for those left with uncertain futures.


The Police service has always offered the prospect of a comfortable retirement, something to rely on, unfortunately this no longer appears to be the case. An alternative is still available.


Those in higher education pension schemes have been hit with the news that their defined benefit pot is severely depleted, what can be done?

Fire Service

One of the most demanding and dangerous jobs was formerly rewarded with a very attractive retirement package. Unfortunately now benefits are being stripped.


These sectors comprise hundreds of thousands of employees who could potentially see their future retirement plans thrown into disarray.

With the current UK pension deficit exceeding £1 trillion, the Government will in all likelihood continue to reduce the annual benefits which future pensioners can expect, while simultaneously extending the retirement age to ease the pressure on the huge shortfall.

The truth is, if the money isn’t there to begin with, the only possible outcome is that thousands of people who have been relying on their pension to take care of their retirement, will be forced to continue working to support themselves, or else face an impoverished end to their days after a life time of working and saving.

With the uncertainty and continual moving of the goal posts, many public sector employees are looking at alternative options before the deadline hits. Those who plan to retire abroad, or who already live overseas must consider looking at QROPS. The benefits of such a scheme are multiple, and removing the savings from the murky waters of the UK market into a stable overseas fund is finding favour with Brits across the world.