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Malta Continues to Embrace QROPS

As a global financial hub, Malta continues to emerge, and pension providers continue to be drawn to the Mediterranean island to set up new schemes. With flexibility, stability and a high level of regulation being among its more prominent features, Malta also benefits from having more than 65 double taxation agreements in place (with more […]

Debate Continues Over QROPS 100% Access Rules

The freedom to access 100% of funds with an overseas pension will come into place on 6th April 2015, a move which coincides with the same rule change in the UK. Before the rule comes into play however, there is still many loose ends to be tied up by the Treasury. So far no detail […]

UK Employers Getting Shot of Pension Schemes

Expensive staff pensions are falling by the wayside with regularity as companies see them as an expense they can ill-afford, according to research conducted by the Pension Protection Fund (PPF). The PPF is the body which looks after pension holders in the UK, it compensates members of funds with companies which have gone into insolvency, […]

NHS Pensions Transferring to QROPS

NHS pension holders are currently the main sector looking to transfer their savings into a more beneficial QROPS, before this option is no longer available. As of April 2015 the door will be shut firmly on any kind of transfer to a scheme developed initially to allow expatriates living away from the UK – or […]

QROPS, The Time is Now

Almost every financial publication are covering the public sector pension reforms right now, and amid reports of further sweeping to come following the General Election in May, it is a story that is unlikely to go away any time soon. So exactly what is going on in the public sector? Why are there such a […]

QROPS Demand Set to Increase

With yet more unfavourable tax legislation on the way for British expats courtesy of Chancellor George Osborne, overseas financial institutions are bracing themselves for another huge spike in demand for QROPS solutions to help counteract the latest plans of the Exchequer. Although under consultation currently, the proposed plan is to make expats pay tax on […]

Future Pensioners Face Working for Longer

Bad news has come for Britain’s youth in the form of a report by the Office for Budget Responsibility (ORB). Charged with providing analysis of the state of the UK pension market, particularly state pensions, the ORB have delivered some shocking results. We all knew the UK pension market was on its knees, but the […]

Equity Release Covering UK Pension Shortfall

Homeowners have this year been forced to release equity from their homes in record numbers as the grim reality of a shortfall upon retirement hits home. Equity release allows the homeowner to raise money without the need to sell their property, and there are two options available for this method of finance. Either borrow against […]

Young Britain Facing Pension Uncertainty

In a poll carried out by UK pension providers, a staggering 74% of those currently in employment had no idea of when they would be able to access their own pension. While most of the UK has now come to terms with the idea of having to work beyond 65, there is much uncertainty surrounding […]

Blurred Lines: Pensions V New ISA

Once the entire UK pension scheme is overhauled next year, the way in which savings are accumulated to enable comfortable retirement will be unrecognisable compared to what we see today. The Budget 2014 introduced some huge amendments to pension rules which – after consultation of course- will kick in once we reach April 2015. The […]