Changing Job Pension Action List

Expats have more than most to think about when switching jobs as they are often moving countries and adapting to a new culture as well. It’s no surprise some important financial matters like pensions are sometimes ignored in favour of day-to-day living. New research from investment firm Fidelity Internationalfound that one in five people moving […]

How Much Will You Need To Save For Retirement?

The big unknown for retirement savers is how long they are likely to live and how much money they will need to fund a comfortable lifestyle. The question is now partly answered by new statistics released by the official Public Health England (PHE). Men can now expect to live to an extra 19 years after […]

Over 55s Plan To Carry On Working

Fewer over 55s plan to give up work when they reach retirement age as millions feel they need to keep earning to supplement their pensions. For a long time, the generally accepted retirement age has been 65 years old, but attitudes of older workers have changed and they no longer view the milestone as the […]