Country Specific QROPS Information

The below links detail specific QROPS concerns and solutions for some of the most popular home countries for expats.

This information is important as each country has specific rules regarding pensions or monetary transfers.

You can follow a link to learn more:


For residents of the USA with UK pensions, a selection of QROPS solutions have been specifically designed to comply with IRS tax regulations.


Many Indian nationals return to their homeland having worked for years in the UK. A QROPS allows your retirement fund to go with you.


Thousands of British expats choose to retire in sunny Spain. Transferring a UK pension into a Spanish compliant QROPS offers multiple benefits.


The relaxing lifestyle makes France hugely popular as a retirement destination. UK pensions can also benefit from going continental too.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE offers a tax-free lifestyle with a great climate. QROPS are particularly popular with those working and planning for their future in the Emirates.


Qatar is officially the wealthiest country in the world. British Expats are moving to the Gulf State in their droves, and QROPS products are moving there too.


Switzerland is now established as a premier destination for career progression and retirement, and QROPS transfers are increasingly commonplace.