Choosing The Right IFA For Your Family

Finding the right professional who we can trust with our pensions, family finances and savings is like recruiting a specialist to fill a role in a business – but few of us think that way. Hiring a financial expert at work would involve a lengthy and detailed process of applications, interviews and reference checking before […]

Changing Job Pension Action List

Expats have more than most to think about when switching jobs as they are often moving countries and adapting to a new culture as well. It’s no surprise some important financial matters like pensions are sometimes ignored in favour of day-to-day living. New research from investment firm Fidelity Internationalfound that one in five people moving […]

Thinking Of Making A Pension Switch?

More than 100,000 retirement savers gave up rights to their workplace direct benefit pensions last year in favour of a cash lump sum. With a debate raging in the financial industry trying to decide if switching out of a direct benefit scheme is a sound financial decision, it’s time to look at some reasons why […]

Pensioners Regret Not Saving Enough Retirement Cash

The biggest regret for most pensioners is that they failed to start saving or make the right decisions about their retirement savings early enough, according to new research. One in four pensioners regret not starting to save earlier in life, while one in five now realise they should have saved more. The research by The […]

Pensions Beat Property As Retirement Savings

Landlords and investors have constant arguments about which is the best investment – but thanks to official figures we now know the answer. Experts at the Office of National Statistics found retirement savers expect to make more from property than those stashing cash into workplace pensions, even though most savers believed their money was safer […]