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Tax Impacts Retirement Lifestyle For Pensioners

Giving up work does not mean you stop paying tax, according to the latest official figures. Although many pensioners look forward to a comfortable financial time when they retire, many forget to include tax in their budgets and find they may not have as much as they thought to spend on luxuries and hobbies. The […]

How much inheritance tax will your estate pay?

The concept of inheritance tax astounds most people who have paid tax on their earnings throughout their life, only to find their wealth is taxed again when they pass on. The wealthy can have some dreadful experiences with inheritance tax in Britain, and even if they move overseas, cannot escape the net if they still […]

Can Expats Trust HMRC’s Tax Residence Indicator?

The Statutory Residence Test was designed to make decisions about tax residence in the UK simpler for everyone. Despite an online step-by-step Tax Residence Indicator, the website offers just that – an indication of residence status and hints at taking professional advice before committing to any financial planning. The website is so guarded about giving […]

Tax Advisers Don’t Want To Know US Expats

US expats are fast becoming the untouchables of the financial world as tougher regulation limits who can give them advice and handle their money. Banks have already pulled the plug on many US expat accounts around the world due to the impositions required by the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Now US based financial […]

International Tax Network To Police Offshore Money

Multinational corporations and wealthy investors trying to conceal their offshore holdings and earnings are the target of a new tax network set up by the world’s leading G8 industrial nations. In an agreement reached at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, the G8 have agreed to police internal companies by setting up a register of […]

UK Task Force Goes After Expat Benefit Cheats

Fraud investigators are hotting up their campaign against benefit cheats claiming cash from their deckchairs on the sunny beaches of Spain. The government reckons scammers claimed around £80 million in benefits from Spain each year. The Department for Work and Pensions, which processes and pays benefits, says more fraudulent claims come from Spain than any […]

Euro FATCA To Crackdown On Tax Cheats

Europe’s big five have pledged to crackdown on tax evasion by setting up a US FATCA-style information exchange. Here is a link to the IRS FATCA page Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy have initialled the deal, which will be ready to go in just a few months. The change is tax and financial information […]