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HMRC To Axe Hundreds Of Pension Liberation Firms

Hundreds of dubious pension firms servicing discredited pension liberations schemes face closure by HM Revenue and Customs. An HMRC task force has been combatting gangs of alleged fraudsters as part of the secret Project Bloom. Duped retirement savers have helped compile a list of almost 500 pension providers involved in pension liberation. The Financial Conduct […]


HM Revenue and Customs QROPS list is a public resource that tells investors and pension administrators if a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme is recognised as a bona fide scheme by the tax authority – with some reservations. HMRC explains how the list works in a manual for tax inspectors that is also freely available […]

Osborne Axes Winter Fuel Pay For Expat Pensioners

British government spending cuts offer cold comfort for thousands of expat state pensioners living in warmer climes as Chancellor George Osborne has axed their winter fuel payments. Around 100,000 British pensioners claiming the benefit live in warmer European countries – with most in the south of Spain. As state pensions living in the European Union, […]

Freezing State Pensions Is Unfair, Argue British Expats

Expats protesting at the unfairness of freezing their state pensions while other pensioners pick up index-linked increases are lobbying the government to phase in changes that will give them more money. The International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP), which is at the forefront of a campaign to unfreeze pensions, argues new research shows increasing state […]

Savers Warned About Pension Unlocking Penalties

Retirement savers who try to access their pension cash before the age of 55 face a tax bill of more than half the pension savings they have tried to unlock. The stark warning comes from HM Revenue and Customs as the battle against pension unlocking fraudsters hots up. Recently, a raid on a call centre […]

Singapore QROPS Investors Battle To Salvage Their Pensions

Investors formerly with the defunct Singapore ROSIIP QROPS are challenging a tax demand in the High Court that could see more than half their pension savings disappear. The group of 37 retirement savers were among more than 120 investors who all transferred pension pots from Britain to the Singapore QROPS only to see the scheme […]