Pension funds launch claim against The Royal Bank of Scotland

A claim has been started against The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) over a rights issue which occurred in 2008. The bank sold its shares at £2 each, and now the claimants are alleging that whilst the bank’s prospectus portrayed good financial health, the reality was in fact very different. It has been proposed that […]

New governor takes over at the Bank of England

A new governor has taken over the helm of the Bank of England as former governor Sir Mervyn King stepped down to retire. Mark Carney has joined the bank from the Bank of Canada and is now officially installed as governor. The £874,000 a year job makes him one of Britain’s best-paid public servants. Chancellor […]

International Tax Network To Police Offshore Money

Multinational corporations and wealthy investors trying to conceal their offshore holdings and earnings are the target of a new tax network set up by the world’s leading G8 industrial nations. In an agreement reached at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, the G8 have agreed to police internal companies by setting up a register of […]

Cautious Wealthy Investors Play Waiting Game

Wealthy investors are pulling back from the markets because they fear the global financial crisis may not be over. Despite policy makers like Ben Bernanke of the US Federal Reserve hinting that an economic turnaround is just around the corner, investors are cautious about buying. None out of 10 high-net worth investors – those with […]