Prince of Wales voices concern over Britain’s pension system

Prince Charles has expressed doubt England’s pensions are built to cope with the country’s ageing population, and warned fund managers to move beyond the short-term thinking which typifies the sector. Speaking at the National Association of Pension Funds conference held in Manchester, he said he was apprehensive for the UK’s young, who risk facing a […]

Are Pension Tax Breaks Really Worthwhile?

The great pension tax relief debate is taking place in smoke-filled rooms and in whispers in corridors away from the attention of ordinary retirement savers. The government is eyeing a saving of £35 billion a year on pension contribution relief, claiming the tax break is aimed at encouraging retirement savers but has little real evidence […]

QROPS, Seek International Financial Advice

Due to the obvious paybacks, many individuals transfer their pension into a QROPS when leaving the UK. Yet with the myriad of issues to deliberate on – from DTAs to their financial goals – it is imperative they seek advice from an international IFA. Because of the market’s intricacy, UK-based and other non-international IFAs are […]

High Court call to outlaw pension liberation

The Pensions Regulator wants to play claimant and defendant in an odd High Court case to test the legality of pension liberation schemes. The point the regulator wants clarified is whether a retirement saver can transfer a pension into a company fund run by a firm that does not employee them. To do this, the […]

Can Expats Trust HMRC’s Tax Residence Indicator?

The Statutory Residence Test was designed to make decisions about tax residence in the UK simpler for everyone. Despite an online step-by-step Tax Residence Indicator, the website offers just that – an indication of residence status and hints at taking professional advice before committing to any financial planning. The website is so guarded about giving […]