Equity Release Covering UK Pension Shortfall

Homeowners have this year been forced to release equity from their homes in record numbers as the grim reality of a shortfall upon retirement hits home. Equity release allows the homeowner to raise money without the need to sell their property, and there are two options available for this method of finance. Either borrow against […]

Young Britain Facing Pension Uncertainty

In a poll carried out by UK pension providers, a staggering 74% of those currently in employment had no idea of when they would be able to access their own pension. While most of the UK has now come to terms with the idea of having to work beyond 65, there is much uncertainty surrounding […]

Blurred Lines: Pensions V New ISA

Once the entire UK pension scheme is overhauled next year, the way in which savings are accumulated to enable comfortable retirement will be unrecognisable compared to what we see today. The Budget 2014 introduced some huge amendments to pension rules which – after consultation of course- will kick in once we reach April 2015. The […]

Gordon Brown’s Legacy Remains

Despite proving as short lived a Prime Minister as can be recently recalled, the true extent of Gordon Brown’s effect on the lives of the working man can be traced back to 1997 when he was chancellor. It has now been revealed exactly how much Gordon Brown single handedly decimated final salary schemes to the […]

Cutting Through the UK Pension Budget Reforms

Since the Budget 2014 and the changes to the UK Pension Scheme, there seems to be much confusion from various angles. However the reforms are relatively simple when broken down, the significant changes will not be implemented until April 2015 after industry consultation. In the interim there will be some changes right away. Here we […]

UK Pension Terms Explained

Pensions are never far from being in the financial headlines. We all know it’s something we need to be thinking about, but every time we try to read something about it, something more instantly interesting tends to crop up and we brush any thoughts of the future under the carpet for the time being. ‘It […]

Scrapping of annuities in April budget leaves experts reeling

Speculation has been rife for the future of the pension industry after Chancellor George Osborne released the April budget for 2014. Will the new freedoms bestowed to pensioners spell an increase in cruise package purchases? Sports cars? Or will people handle their pensions with care – even if they are not forced to buying into […]

As new LTA deadline looms QROPS enquiries to grow

Many UK pension holders will face hefty tax burdens when the pension lifetime allowance (LTA) drops from GBP 1.5 million to GBP 1.25 million in April. Yet future retirees are failing to take action to protect their fund across the UK, even with the threat of facing charges as high as 55%. LTA history The […]

SiPP Savers Face Tighter Investment Rules

Pensioner savers with self-invested personal pensions (SiPPs) are about to have their investment choice limited by regulators. The Financial Conduct Authority believes too many SiPP savers are putting their retirement cash into risky investments, so is moving to tighten up the rules. The FCA is also looking at altering how much cash SiPP providers should […]

U.S. public pension funding hits 75%

According to the latest annual report by Wilshire Consulting, American public pensions funding has grown after 2013’s larger investment returns. The investment analytics and consulting firm projected that 134 public retirement schemes had sufficient assets to cover almost three quarters of their obligations for the year ending on the 30th of June, 2013. This is […]