What QROPS Jurisdiction is best?

We have been receiving hundreds of email requests to the question “What QROPS Jurisdiction is best?”. This is a great question but has many answers. In financial planning its not the actual investment or product that is the most important, it is how the investment/product FITS you! This is the same when choosing to a QROPS.

Each jurisdiction will have its own pros and cons, different tax regimes, different rules and regulations. It is how these effect you and your situation that makes a jurisdiction a “best” choice.

Not only is the QROPS jurisdiction important, but equally the actual QROPS provider needs to be examined. There are hundreds of QROPS available ranging from one man trustee offices in questionable jurisdictions to wholly owned expert pension trustee divisions of blue-chip merchant banks, located in highly regulated and respected international finance centres.

Understanding the differences of each jurisdiction and provider is what makes QROPS.net service indispensable. QROPS.net is the leader in QROPS advice. We are totally independent and since we are not tied to any individual QROPS provider, we can look at your situation and find the best QROPS in the best jurisdiction for you.

To find out more on how we can help you in your unique situation or for some friendly advice in plain English, contact QROPS.net by simply completeing the contact form and one of our senior advisers will contact you as a priority.