Luxembourg consumer spending is 274% above EU average

The spending power of individuals across Europe varies hugely between countries – as well as between those in the eurozone, according to the latest statistics. European Union statisticians have worked out the relative spending power of consumers as a percentage of GDP for the EU and countries with trading ties to the EU or who […]

Resolving the Euro crisis is a question of balance

The eurozone debt crisis is all a question of balance – and whether the wheel falls off or the problems are resolved depend on the end game, says JP Morgan global strategist Tom Elliott. As concerns grow about the effectiveness of the European Central Bank’s bail out scheme for the eurozone economy, Elliott has looked […]

Recovery in the Eurozone – are we nearly there yet?

The past couple of years have been a roller coaster ride for the euro. Almost every other week the headlines have predicted the demise of the currency. But against all odds, the euro is still limping on. George Osborne assumed in his recent Budget that the global economy, including the Eurozone, is on the road […]

Bookies shout the odds on the Eurozone debt crisis

With the world’s markets in disarray and politicians seemingly unable to make decisions about continuing problems besetting most of the major economies, it’s time to look at where the smart money is going. Some investors might suggest that despite the sophisticated research that backs fund managers shifting tother people’s millions around the markets, their best […]

UK is in recession but doesn’t know it yet

The UK and Eurozone economies are already in recession, but just don’t know it yet, according to an analysis by global finance and consulting firm Ernst and Young. The firm claims the UK is in ‘technical recession’ and likely to stay mired in low or no growth until the end of summer. On the bright […]

Eurozone paperchase offers Spain and Italy some respite

Eurozone banking has had some respite after months of debt problems and bickering over financial policy. The European Central Bank (ECB) has left interest rates set at 1% after cutting rates for two months in a row. ECB rates have not dropped below 1% in the 13 years since the bank took over rate setting […]

Economic woes pile up for the Eurozone

Credit rating agencies are expected to downgrade banks in 15 of the 17 Eurozone countries – including ratcheting France’s AAA rating down by at least two notches. Audit firm Ernst & Young predicts the Eurozone is facing a ‘bleak’ winter. with recession in the first half of next year and a standstill of economic growth […]

Euro inflation holds steady despite financial pressures

Inflation in the UK is running at one of the highest rates in the European Union despite the financial problems of many countries. As borrowing rates for Spain nudge towards the fatal 7% mark that has triggered Eurozone bail-outs for Greece, Portugal and Ireland, and Italy teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, inflation is rising […]

QROPS options for ex pats in the Eurozone

Ex pats in the Eurozone are having a tough time dealing with rising interest rates and inflation. The good news is increasing interest rates can push up the returns from investments – especially those in a QROPS offshore pension. The trouble is, the rate rises are coupled with increased inflation and continuing worries over the […]