Services is brought to you by the leading independent, international financial services group. Due to our size and global reach, we have negotiated preferential charging structures from most Qrops Providers. We are constantly approached by Qrops providers with unique terms for our clients only. This means that we can offer you a Qrops solution at much lower costs.

Unique Features

Here are some of our industry leading Qrops features that are available:

  • No Minimum Amount of Pension required.
  • Capped Fees – One fee for all charged with no increase even for larger transfers.
  • Husband & Wife Qrops – No initial charge, waiver of one initial fee.
  • Custom Built Qrops Solutions – For larger transfer requiring unique features.
  • Private Banking – Solution to allow your private banker to manage your funds direct.
  • Self Invest/Manage – Solution allowing for the Qrops member to self invest & manage their funds
  • Online platform allowing management of funds via the internet

QROPS Charges

There are many versions of Qrops solutions available with multiple options and endless features. But to summarise here are the outline of charges to expect :

  • QROPS Establishment fees: from £645 (Initial QROPS charge, a one off fee on transfer)
  • QROPS Management fees: from £845 p.a. (Annual Qrops Charge to maintain your pension within the QROPS)
  • Investment charge: typically 1% p.a.

These are some of the lowest charges in the industry. To find out exactly the fees that apply to your situation, contact us today. All our fees are covered by the QROPS solution providers. offers these summarised solutions:

QROPS Advice

Individuals who require QROPS advice.

QROPS & Investment Advice

Individuals who require QROPS advice and want expert pension investment guidance.

QROPS & Self Invest

Individuals who require QROPS advice and have a financial adviser or want to self invest.

QROPS for Financial Advisers

Financial advisers & firms wanting to offer the best QROPS solution to their clients.


Transfering your Non UK, European pension into a European Union Retirement Benefits Scheme (EURBS)

Foreigne Exchange

Get the best exchange rate with rates up to 5% better then major banks. Contact us today to find out more.