Malta based QROPS Schemes, the leading Jurisdiction

Malta has a long and distinguished affiliation with the UK as a trusted and reliable ally in war and peace. Schemes have been available on the island since December 2009.

The offshore financial centre is growing in stature with a reputation for providing a competitive tax regime, a stable economy and clearly defined financial regulation.

Unlike many other offshore centres, Malta is a full member of the European Union and is also part of the Eurozone. This offers some protection of the ever changing UK rules and gives schemes in Malta longevity that other current jurisdictions do not have.

Schemes in Malta are open to everyone with UK pension rights no matter where you may reside.

Shaping advice to your financial goals

Malta schemes follow the same rules as any other QROPS around the globe. HM Revenue and Customs lays down the rules that must be followed for inclusion as a registered pension scheme on the HMRC list.

Each individual scheme is managed by trustees who determine the terms and conditions of their specific pension within the framework provided by HMRC. This means that the administration can and does vary from one scheme to another.

For instance, one may allow a 20% tax-free lump sum drawdown while another may consider a 25% drawdown.

This variation between provider rules is one reason why anyone considering a transfer should discuss their personal financial goals with anone of our expert advisers who can access multiple QROPS across several jurisdictions and can compare to give you the best option. is the only advisory firm that offers advice on all schemes around the globe.

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Lump sums and payments

Malta offers comprehensive and attractive tax advantages over other jurisdications

For non-residents, the island has:

  • No income tax on pension income – benefits are paid gross
  • No income tax on pension cash lump sums
  • No capital gains tax on pension fund gains
  • No inheritance tax or other death duties.

You should remember that any pension fund benefits might be taxed in the country where you are resident. Malta has more than 50 double taxation and tax information exchange treaties with other countries. This list is growing and makes Malta unique in this area.

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