Indian nationals returning home after working in the UK can now transfer all their private or workplace pensions in to one tax-efficient fund.

QROPS pensions are for British nationals or Indian workers with cash invested in a UK retirement scheme who have decided to return to India or even settle permanently elsewhere.

QROPS pensions – ‘qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes’ – are popular with British ex pats because of the enhanced tax and investment benefits they offer.

India QROPS give those same benefits and more as they are designed with Indian pensions in mind.

India QROPS may pay 33% tax-free cash lump sums

India QROPS allow British nationals of Indian descent or Indian nationals with UK pension rights the opportunity to settle wherever they want in the world and receive their retirement benefits as tax efficiently as possible.

From 55 years old, a pension investor can start drawing benefits from a QROPS – including up to a possible 33 per cent of the accumulated fund as a tax-free lump sum.

When making pension contributions to a UK pension fund the UK Government adds tax relief to the contributions. The UK pension fund including the tax relief is transferred in to a QROPS and instead of drawing 25 per cent of the fund in the UK as a tax-free lump sum, the fund is transferred to an Indian QROPS and the cash lump-sum free of tax is now 33 per cent of the fund value.

Keeping an India QROPS in rupees

An extra bonus is India QROPS can pay benefits in most major currencies – but a special feature is allowing investments and payment in Indian Rupees.

This avoids losing money on currency conversion and delays while funds are tied up in Sterling or US Dollar bank accounts awaiting beneficial rates for transfers.

While inside the QROPS, these funds generally grow free of any taxes.

Investing for the family, not the tax man

An important benefit of an India QROPS is any funds remaining in the pension after the member dies are transferred to named beneficiaries – generally family or loved ones.

The member has no obligation to transfer retirement savings to an annuity and an India QROPS is outside the reach of UK inheritance tax.


QROPS rules can and do change and therefore it is extremely important that a potential client speaks to one of our advisers at the outset. We constantly review schemes around the globe and we are at the forefront of the rules and regulations ensuring our clients get the very latest and best advice

More information about India QROPS

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