Court Ruling Is Another Blow To Swiss Banking Secrecy

One of Switzerland’s biggest international banks has the green light to disclose confidential client financial information to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The decision is another crack in the nation’s banking secrecy armour which has drawn a veil over suspected tax avoidance in secret accounts for decades. The law is loosely framed to let […]

Checking Out Your Expat Destination Before You Go

Taking the decision to leave the UK to live and work is a massive leap of faith for many who are stepping in to unknown territory. Luckily a massive online government resource can take some of the mystery out of foreign travel. Know Before You Go pulls together tons of information about just about every […]

Global Economy On The Mend, But Growth Is Patchy

The global economy is growing stronger after years of economic crisis, but progress is uneven between regions and countries, says a new report. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) also says that the biggest challenge now facing governments in many developed countries is their high level of unemployment. Their figures reveal that the […]

Looking for strength in currency weakness

Central banks have looked for strength in the weakness of their currencies against those of their commercial rivals. Quantitative easing and other measures have seen government pour billions in to the global financial system mainly as an economic stimulus. The aim is to make exports cheaper, so foreign shoppers are attracted to buy a nation’s […]

Expats Have World Of Choice As Employers Chase Talent

Expats have more opportunities than ever before as employers work harder to attract and retain the best global talent, says a new report. Recruitment consultancy Hydrogen Group has published its fourth annual ‘Global professionals on the move’ report which reveals an increasing trend of migration with expats increasingly keen to move their careers overseas. The […]

Special QROPS Rules For International Workers

New Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) rules flag two key dates for public service pension schemes or those set up by international organisations. The rules overhaul QROPS rules for these schemes which fall through a hole in the last round of rule changing in April 2012. The benefits relief test introduced in 2012 could […]

Expats By Numbers – Where 230 Million Live And Work

The sheer number of expats working around the world has been laid bare with the release of figures revealing that if they all relocated to one place, it would become the fifth most populated country. The figures have been compiled by Feedbacq, a platform connecting expats with international moving firms, which also reveals which countries […]

Rich Pawn Treasures And Trinkets To Raise Extra Cash

The outwardly wealthy are struggling for cash just as much as everyone else – and are giving up their valuable treasures and trinkets to pay the bills and finance their lifestyles. Upmarket pawnbroker borro says clients are offering jewellery, antiques, prestige cars and even fine wines as collateral for loans. As a result, business has […]

Gingerbread Home Sweet Home Is A Bargain At £40,000

It could be the solution to many potential homebuyers’ dreams – a massive house of around 2,500 sq ft costing just £40,000. Now that really would be a ‘home-sweet-home’ but what’s the catch? It’s made of gingerbread! At this time of year, it’s a popular tradition in many countries to create gingerbread houses and stuff […]

Switching a UK pension in to a Malta QROPS

Malta QROPS are the talk of the offshore pensions market but switching a retirement savings out of a UK fund involves more than writing a cheque. The first step is asking the UK pension fund to give a written transfer value – if you have more than one find, then get a transfer value from […]