New QROPS Charges is very happy to announce that we have now achieved unique terms of business with many of the QROPS providers. There is now no minimum charge for the QROPS, therefore we can help many more individuals.

Normally £150k – £200k is needed to make a QROPS transfer cost effective due to the minimum charge imposed by the QROPS providers. This is why you will see many sites advertising “150K plus In UK Pension?”, as these can only offer you one QROPS solution at one standard charging structure.

These special terms negotiated by us make our QROPS proposition the best in the industry. With these new charges, it is now cost effective for anyone to transfer into a QROPS. are the leader in independent QROPS advice. To find out more on how we can help you, contact by simply completeing the contact form and one of our senior advisers will contact you as a priority.