About us

About us

QROPs.net is one of the leading independent pension advisers specialising in QROPS. Helping people around the world get the most out of their retirement with professional, reliable and robust financial advice.

As part of the world’s largest international independent financial advisers, QROPS.net has a global presence which means we can offer you our services no matter where you are in the world.

Whole of the Market

The key to our strategy is ‘whole of the market’ advice, which means we are not restricted to fitting your needs to a narrow range of QROPS pensions from one or two providers. Instead, we take a more holistic view of your personal financial circumstances and retirement objectives and compare all schemes around the world.

Our advisers will design a pension with you that covers your goals – whether they are wealth protection, maximising retirement income or succession planning.

Experts will consider fine-tuning investments, cross-border tax and value for money when recommending a QROPS pension to you.

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