Fund Managers Predict A Good Year For The FTSE

Fund managers are optimistic about the prospects for investments in 2013, but there’s a change in where they expect to put their money, according to a poll. The Association of Investment Companies‘ (AIC) asked investment company managers for their verdict – and 87% of them expect markets to keep moving up next year. That’s better […]

Shell Shock When Setting Up A Company Hide Money

Recent headlines about how firms and individuals mitigate their tax liabilities have focussed on them using complex company structures to hide their money behind. But researchers have found that setting up a shell company, complete with directors who have no involvement in the firm, is much harder to do in countries most believe are tax […]

Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility FAQ

The Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) lets UK taxpayers who have bank accounts or investments in Liechtenstein to settle their tax affairs with HM Revenue and Customs on favourable terms. And with the number of tax information sharing agreements currently being signed between the UK and other countries – including with Liechtenstein – the disclosure invitation […]

Expats Votes For The Best – And Worst – Cities To Work

Vienna is victorious again as the best place for expats to live and work in a survey of more than 200 cities around the world. Bomb-torn Baghdad, Iraq, came in at the bottom. The cities were rated to establish a ‘quality of living’ index that gives expat employers some idea of how to compensate workers […]

Wealthy finding tax crackdown a bit rich

Tough financial times are leading ordinary taxpayers to believe it’s a bit rich for the wealthy to manage their tax by taking their money offshore. In the UK, the Lib Dems are trying to push the coalition government in to a wealth tax, while criticising wealthy individuals and companies for sheltering their cash overseas. New […]

90% of foreign buyers pay cash for Miami homes

Wealthy overseas property buyers are boosting sales in Miami by buying homes for cash, according to local realtors. Prices in the sunshine city rose again in September thanks to eager foreign buyers – for the 10th month in a row. Year on year, condo prices are up a sensational 36.2% to an average $150,000, while […]

Financial storm batters house sales in Cyprus

The housing market in Cyprus is taking a real battering as the Mediterranean island weathers a furious financial storm. Prices plunged 40% to a record low in August 2012 – and many property professionals reckon they may fall even further in to the abyss. Cyprus is facing an economic meltdown as banks and financial institutions […]

US expats pledge to make tax an election issue

US expats living in Switzerland are trying to make new tax laws on the Presidential election agenda. The Americans in Switzerland Working Group (AMISWG) claims FATCA and other foreign banking laws are making the lives of around 7 million US expats “a misery”. Find out more about FATCA by iExpats Many non-US banks, investment houses […]

QROPS loophole doubles tax-free cash pay-outs

A loophole in the QROPS rules may allow double tax-free lump sum from their retirement savings because of a newly-revealed tax loophole. Pension rules state that investors are entitled to take up to 30% of their QROPS as tax-free cash, providing 70% of the fund is ring-fenced to provide an income in later years. However,  […]

Banks scrap charges on foreign currency deals

Expats with British onshore bank debit cards are likely to benefit from a cut in charges on foreign exchange transactions. Just as with all the recent banking debacles, the change has only come about after sustained pressure from the government and consumer protection champions. However, a list of the usual suspects – Barclays, the Co-operative […]