It makes no difference whether Obama twists or sticks

Twist or stick, however President Obama decides to play his economic hand, he seems to be backing a loser. Operation Twist is a $400 billion debt swapping exercise for the US Federal Reserve. The strategy is to sell bonds due to expire within three years in favour of buying longer dated debt due to come […]

Why many youngsters will work 50 years and retire at 72

Young adults could work for 50 years or more before they qualify for a state pension when they are 72 years old, according to a shock new report. The study looked at when those aged 18 to 24 now are likely to retire – and came up with the conclusion that most will have to […]

QROPS basics, Who needs a QROPS?

The financial pages are crammed with headlines about QROPS and why a retirement saver should have one – but many fail to explain the basics for investors. QROPS is short for ‘qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme’ and is a home for an ex pat’s pension fund when they have taken the decision to live abroad […]