Fears of a double-dip recession are still stalking investors

Falling share prices and the threat of a double-dip recession in the US and Europe are haunting the money markets. Although the crisis has subsided that saw billions wiped off share values in markets across the world, investors are still nervously eyeing economic data in fear the worst is not yet over. That fear not […]

IFAs are favourite advisers for millionaires

Wealthy ex pats are more likely to trust an independent financial adviser than any other third party, according to a poll of millionaires. Three out of four high net worth individuals – classed as someone with more than US$1 million after settling all their debts – rely on IFAs while other advisers lag far behind. […]

Swiss roll over on cash hidden in secret bank accounts

British taxpayers and ex pats with cash, investments and other assets held with Swiss banks can expect a tax bill soon. The Swiss government has revealed the country’s tax authority is in the ‘final phase’ of negotiating a tax settlement on undeclared assets hidden from the prying eyes of HM Revenue and Customs in the […]

UK inflation races ahead of most of Europe

Britain has the fourth highest inflation rate in Europe – behind the minnow economies of Estonia, Romania and Lithuania. The rising cost of living in the UK is running at 4.4%, according to the latest data collected to calculate the consumer price index. Inflation in Estonia is the worst in Europe at 5.3%, followed by […]

World debt chaos slashes £2,000 off every UK pension

Billions of pounds were wiped off the value of UK pensions due to plunging stock markets over recent weeks. At the same time, the pensions black hole increased by almost half to an aggregate £116 billion for all the schemes in deficit. Two agencies monitoring pensions have revealed that the falling markets reduced the value […]