Global recovery is underway, promises the OECD

Investors can heave a sigh of relief with confirmation that global economic recovery is underway – even if it does not seem to be moving forward at the same rate in every country. The Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has given the world economy a good report , but says some countries could […] Scam Warning

Don’t let boiler room fraudsters turn the heat up on you Boiler room investment frauds are run by criminal gangs selling fake or worthless shares to unsuspecting investors. The frauds are big business for the scammers – and a source of heartache and resentment for the losers who run up hundreds of millions in losses […]

Revealed – Where ex pats can go to pay less tax

In these days of tax crack downs on traditional behind-closed-doors financial havens, just where can the wealthy go to shelter their money? British ex pats tend to look for a place in the sun not too far from home – with France and Spain topping the list. But France has never really been tax-friendly and […]

Singapore QROPS – Pledges to challenge High Court ruling

The taxman faces another fight in court over banning Singapore QROPS as the providers have announced they intend to appeal their defeat in London’s High Court. Equity Trust, the firm behind the failed Panthera Recognised Overseas Self Invested International Pension (Rosiip) claims the court ruling leaves the way open for HM Revenue and Customs to […]

QROPS options for ex pats in the Eurozone

Ex pats in the Eurozone are having a tough time dealing with rising interest rates and inflation. The good news is increasing interest rates can push up the returns from investments – especially those in a QROPS offshore pension. The trouble is, the rate rises are coupled with increased inflation and continuing worries over the […]

New Zealand QROPS changes announced by government

Changes to the underlying Kiwisaver pension schemes that form the basis of a third of all New Zealand QROPS have been announced by the country’s government. Providers and advisers are mulling the effect this could have on New Zealand QROPS. The changes take effect from April 1, 2012. The Kiwisaver scheme was quickly becoming a […]

QROPS fund ‘favouritism’ worries regulators

Financial regulators are increasingly concerned about investment promotion by some QROPS advisers. Investment promotion is a restriction on fund choices with a QROPS offshore pension that some regulators interpret as favoring a specific firm or product rather than offering a wider choice. Several regulators see QROPS investment options as a back-door to financial rules aimed […]

IMF chief hasn’t pulled the plug on economic fate of Europe

The shenanigans concerning International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, have tossed global finances in to turmoil as he sits in custody in New York on attempted rape charges instead of a meeting with European finance ministers in Greece. The question investors need to answer is how his personal issues affect crucial economic decisions that need […]

Is Your UK Company Pension Really Safe?

Pension regulators have launched an urgent investigation in to a legal loophole that lets private equity firms side step pension liabilities when buying a firm out of liquidation. The strategy puts thousands of pensions at risk, because the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) protects few members of final salary schemes under these circumstances. The inquiry is […]

Wealthy ex pat appeals £30 million income tax defeat

Super wealthy ex pats pursued by the taxman for missing millions may find some relief in a case given leave of appeal. Derek Hankinson, who lost the largest single tax case worth £30 million in income tax, interest and penalties, is restating his case before the Court of Appeal in London. His legal team are […]