QROPS Pensions explained

If you are an expatriate or are planning to live abroad, you have the advantage of being able to transfer your existing private pension into a QROPS pension. Rather than receiving your pension income from a UK scheme, QROPS pensions are based overseas, and are regulated by the Government of the country in which the […]

How easy is it to get a QROPS?

Are you tempted by the idea of a pension that is free from UK tax, but put off by the hassle involved in researching and applying for one? If so, you may be pleasantly surprised when you come to look for a QROPS. QROPS stands for Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme, and they were introduced […]

What are the pros and cons of QROPS?

Deciding how to plan your retirement abroad should involve a balanced assessment of your options. So when you are thinking about getting a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme, look at the pluses and the minuses that the opportunity may present. Pros Tax is probably the first positive that springs to mind about QROPS. With exemption […]

Getting a good value QROPS

When you are looking for any kind of financial product, it is important to get one that offers good value for money. Your starting point for comparison may be the fees and charges that the scheme administrators charge. Before 2006, expat pension savers using UK schemes could not access their pensions from outside the UK […]

QROPS, death and taxes

If you are considering a QROPS, you probably already know that your pension will be out of reach of the UK taxman once you have transferred it to an overseas scheme. As long as you remain a non-resident for at least five years after the pension has been transferred, you can continue your expat life […]

Why get a QROPS?

If you have heard people talking about moving their UK pension overseas, you may think that it sounds like it would be a hassle. But think again. With the right support from your adviser, you may be able to leave them to do all the work involved in the transfer. So why should you get […]

BBC staff set to strike over pensions row

Various journalists’ and television workers’ unions have confirmed that they intend to strike if the BBC pension trustees go ahead with their plans to slash their pension benefits. Given that the two opposing sides – BBC management and the workers themselves cannot even agree about the size of the scheme’s deficit – the chances of […]

Have you overlooked something?

If you are moving overseas no doubt you have your hands full. You need to sort out accommodation, health insurance, travel arrangements and may need to settle into a new job. But even this busy schedule does not explain why so many Brits moving abroad overlook the issue of what will happen to their pension. […]

Are you going to retire in debt?

Research from insurance company Aviva has revealed that nearly two fifths of those in their pre retirement years (aged between 55 and 64) were not saving anything for their retirement. And in that age group, a significant number were saddled with non mortgage debt that they admitted would be difficult to pay off. One in […]

Will the public sector unions strike over pension reform?

No doubt public sector workers have been looking enviously across the channel at the way in which the French public sector unions managed to mobilise at least a million (and maybe two million, depending on whose figures are accurate) to strike over forthcoming pension reforms. Yet it remains to be seen whether British unions will […]