How to choose the right QROPS advice

The nightmare of dealing with a QROPS pension transfer through unregulated advisers is highlighted in a squabble over a recent government report about how UK crown dependencies manage financial services. Michael Foot, a former Financial Services Authority director, submitted his report that looked at how finance is regulated in the Isle of Man, Channel Islands […]

Non Commercial Information

How refreshing to come across a useful website that is not trying to sell you anything. offers non commercial information about QROPS – the Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes the UK government has approved for the transfer of UK pensions. Introduced in 2006, thousands of British expats have transferred their pensions to these schemes, […]

Tax is never a joke, but what you pay is in the timing

Tax is like comedy – not that it’s a joke but the effects are all in the timing. How much tax someone pays HM Revenue and Customs depends on their residence status with the UK, which falls under three categories – ‘resident’, ‘ordinarily resident’ or ‘domiciled’. Although it’s no laughing matter, a taxpayer can fall […]

Emerging economies charge back in to growth

Economies in emerging markets are charging ahead of the rest of the world, led by resurgence in manufacturing and services, according to HSBC bank. HSBC’s Emerging Market Index (EMI) rose to 56.1% during the last quarter of 2009 – the highest showing for more than two years and up0 from 43.8% a year ago. 50% […]

Currency gamblers drive down pension spending power

Currency traders have staked billions betting against the value of the Euro and Pound to make huge profits while plunging exchange rates see British expats having their pension payout spending power shrink. At least 40,000 bets worth £5 billion has been staked on the Euro falling against the value of the US dollar in the […]

How do you choose a QROPS adviser?

Choosing the right QROPS adviser is the first step on the way to choosing the right QROPS. But with so much “help” out there on the internet, it can be difficult to discriminate between the firms who are offering their services. Would you let someone without a medical degree perform brain surgery on you? Of […]

Greek financial crisis drags down the Euro

The true extent of the economic mess resulting from the banking crisis is becoming apparent as Europe replaces the old food mountains with a new debt mountain of billions of Euros. Many European countries popular with British expats face huge financial problems that are impacting on the value of the Euro. Greece is in the […]

Care needed for QROPS choices

Investors should be warned that just because a QROPS is on the list, it does not necessarily mean that it is the right product for everybody.   Admission to the list merely means that the scheme has passed HMRC’s requirements of being taxed and regulated as a pension in its own country. But once those criteria […]

Problems roll up for Swiss banks as EU squeezes credit

The Swiss bank and financial sector is having problems accessing money markets in a behind-the-scenes struggle with the EU over secret accounts. As credit outside Switzerland dries up, the country’s financial services sector is having to work through foreign subsidiaries, which is having a knock on effect on jobs in Switzerland, profits and government tax […]

Tax cheat doctors and dentists told to own up by HMRC

You can’t get blood from a stone, but the taxman is attempting to extract unpaid tax from doctors, dentists and other medical professionals. An HM Revenue and Customs task force is poring over payment records from NHS trusts, private hospitals and medical insurance firms to find medical professionals cheating the tax system. Much of the […]