Take our advice about avoiding QROPS problems

Protecting retirement savings once they are transferred in to a QROPS pension scheme is a number one priority – ask the investors who have their funds tied up in the never-ending Panthera de-listing saga. In their case, pension funds were transferred from the UK in to a QROPS scheme that was included on the HM […]

Are the QROPS rules too restrictive?

Since QROPS were introduced under the government’s ironically named Pension Simplification initiative in 2006, they have been renowned for their complexity. If ready the legislation is like wading through treacle, HMRC’s manual for professionals is not much better and the consequences of getting it wrong are unthinkable. That is why an adviser who knows what […]

Standard Life – a look at how financial firms lose your money

Iconic insurance and pensions companies spend massive resources on public relations and advertising to try and persuade you that they are the best guardians of your personal wealth. Standard Life is one of those firms, but how do they treat your money? Here are some recent headlines from this month about Standard Life – Investment […]

A lesson in personal finance

How young is too young to start learning about personal finance? Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families has said that lessons about managing money will become embedded in the National Curriculum. We may have grown up learning about multiplication and long division with reference to examples involving money, but today’s […]

Why the UK is a ‘must avoid’ for investors

Global economies often behave like drug addicts, with quick fixes of cash fuelling boom and bust and recession enforcing periods of rehabilitation. The problem is that the only way of curing a habit is to change how the addict behaves otherwise the danger is that the old cyclical lifestyle will resurface. The stress of the […]

Standard Life wants a younger audience

Standard Life is trying to woo “Generation Y” with a campaign of adverts and television sponsorship, the insurer has announced. The 28-40 age group is notoriously difficult to attract to pension products. According to Standard Life’s investigations, they do not believe that saving for a pension fits into their current earnings and savings pattern. Standard […]

Pension tax rules may net more high earners

The taxman has confirmed guidelines for high earners who face the 20% special allowance tax charge on contributions to a UK pension by publishing new information on the HM revenue and Customs web site. The special allowance is a tax penalty for anyone earning £150,000 or more who inputs more than £20,000 in to a […]

Why don’t more British expats have a QROPS?

Last week we learnt that some 7,300 people have taken advantage of the QROPS system, which was introduced in 2006. By transferring your fund into a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme, you can escape UK income tax on your pension fund when you leave the UK. The figures were obtained from the Treasury by AJ […]

QROPS transfers set to soar as 50% tax deadline nears

QROPS pension transfers are expected to soar in the run –up to the new financial as wealthy taxpayers look to shift their homes and assets offshore to avoid losing half their income in tax. From April 6, anyone earning over £150,000 faces a 50% super tax on income plus capped UK pension contributions. The government […]

Sound Financial Advice

In a recent survey commissioned by insurer Aviva, only 3% of those questioned would pay over £100 per hour for advice from an independent financial adviser. Around 50% of those asked would ideally not pay anything at all (and in fact would rather not get any advice), and 17% would be prepared to pay less […]