Is Your SiPP seriously damaging your wealth?

SIPPS seem like a good idea – a self-managed pension plan where you are in control and can make informed financial decisions about your retirement. The trouble is SIPPs are not a well-engineered pension product but a mismatch of bits of this and bits of that which can seriously damage your retirement prospects. The SIPP […]

SIPPs managers cash in on hidden charges, say bankers

Lots of investors are questioning the point of a self-managed scheme if the pension provider stops you making money with your own cash – because they are earning a commission from your savings on the side. One in four (26%) SiPP and SSAS schemes only pick up interest at bank base rate of 0.5% and […]

Pension and savings tax tips for expats

Thousands of Brits leave the UK each year to start a new life abroad and pay a fortune in unnecessary tax because they fail to take financial planning advice. Some simple financial moves can save expats a fortune when moving abroad – but they are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of moving to […]

QROPS really can make money grow on trees!

Climate change is not only a consideration for expats retiring overseas from the UK, but is also a big issue for governments and investors. About 70% of people consider themselves as ethical or fairly green or ethical but only 8% of investors have green investments, according to a government survey. To encourage more investors to […]

Expats can buy New Zealand residence for £658,000

The New Zealand wants to stimulate the country’s economy out of recession by tempting more expats on investor visas as long as they have plenty of cash. Current rules say migrants must have skills that are in demand – like doctors or engineers. New rules have dropped this criterion to allow expats with significant cash […]

Lower income tax is not the only QROPS advantage

The new financial age of low income from savings and investments on the back of low interest rates and little or no inflation mean many people are having to rethink their retirement plans. Fixed incomes are under a two-pronged attack – poor returns as dividends and interest rates are cut and those earning £150,000 a […]

Pension regulators swop info on suspected tax cheats

UK and US pension regulators have signed an agreement to share non-confidential information on how companies handle their pension funds across borders. The US Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp has tied in with the Pensions regulator, that oversees UK defined benefits pension schemes, and the Pension Protection Fund, that pays compensation to pensioners if an employer’s […]

Boosting your spending power with a QROPS

British retirees living overseas are paying losing a fortune as currency fluctuations hit their pension payouts – when many could have avoided the problem by opening a QROPS. The problem is every time pension payouts stop in a bank they incur charges – like transfer fees and currency exchange costs. If the retirees had shifted […]

HMRC online video threat to offshore tax cheats

The UK’s chief taxman has gone live online with a video urging offshore savers to tell HM Revenue and Customs about their investments by the end of the month or face prosecution. Dave Hartnett, permanent secretary for tax at HMRC has posted a two-minute video on YouTube (Link: urging tax dodgers to face up […]

How to handle transferring your UK pension to Australia

Australia is the top emigration destination for Brits – with about 40,000 people a year leaving to take up a new life in the sun. Many of these will have UK pension rights and may have pension funds languishing back in Britain. If you are considering moving to the other side of the world, then […]