New QROPS Charges is very happy to announce that we have now achieved unique terms of business with many of the QROPS providers. There is now no minimum charge for the QROPS, therefore we can help many more individuals. Normally £150k – £200k is needed to make a QROPS transfer cost effective due to the minimum charge […]

Annuities and QROPS

According to recent figures it is estimated that individuals could lose out on £10,000 plus of pension savings through delays by the provider dragging out the process of transferring pension savings into annuities. The data also showed that more than half of annuity transfer cases experience delays. Advisers in the UK are calling on the […]

QROPS Cyprus

Cyprus is an extremely popular choice for a retirement destination. Property is cheap compared to the UK, it has a glorious sunny climate, a great percentage of the population are English speaking and pensions are only taxed 5%. QROPS in Cyprus may become a very popular choice. Cyprus has double taxation treaties allowing expats to […]

Don’t Neglect Your Pension

Help the Aged released a report showing that around £5 billion a year is left unclaimed by the elderly in the UK. That is £5 billion per year, £100 million a week, that that the Government has in their hands from people who either don’t bother to claim, or maybe don’t know they’re entitled to, […]

Pension Planning Reviews

A recent research report showed that more than 13 million people in the UK have never reviewed their pension plans. Attitudes many people showed towards retirement planning had to change, such as keeping track of pensions and investigating options available. The plan which you have today could be out dated very quickly and the moves […]


Qualified Recognized Overseas Pensions Scheme or QROPS for short, is becoming one of the hottest talked about developments for years. The reason is simple; it has massive benefits for non UK residents who have a UK pension. But beware, there are many over hyped claims made by adviser and QROPS providers. Many are stating claims […]

QROPS Is The Answer

According to a new report, one in five people in the UK are saving for their retirement outside of the standard “pension” schemes. These people are choosing to do it their own way through ISAs, regular savings plans, buying property or investing via funds or the stock market UK pension are known for being too […]

New QROPS added  is very happy to announce another QROPS has been added to the already extensive list of schemes that we advise on. Unlike other financial advisory companies, that only offer one type of QROPS to their customer, gives advice on the entire market place. We are totally independent and since we are not tied […]

What QROPS Jurisdiction is best?

We have been receiving hundreds of email requests to the question “What QROPS Jurisdiction is best?”. This is a great question but has many answers. In financial planning its not the actual investment or product that is the most important, it is how the investment/product FITS you! This is the same when choosing to a […]

Singapore QROPS Removed!

Yesterday HMRC removed all Singapore QROPS from its list of jurisdiction that can offer QROPS. It is believed that this is due to the persistent mis-selling of QROPS in the Far East. Experts believe that the selling of “pensionbusting” promises, by unregulated advisers was the downfall of QROPS in Singapore. With little or no regulation […]