QROPS Amsterdam

From a small team of pension experts to a dedicated office specialising in QROPS. That’s the story of the QROPS.net team in Amsterdam. The team has been overwhelmed with the interest in QROPS over the last year and due to the demand has increased its staff and moved to a dedicated office, becoming one of […]

QROPS Switzerland

The demand for QROPS information is on the increase, with more and more people becoming aware of what QROPS can do for them, the need for sound professional advice is of importance. We understand that the web is a great place to increase your knowledge of a particular subject, this is why this site is […]

Cost of QROPS advice

Through our constant research of the market, we are constantly coming across websites and services that claim to offer QROPS advice. Many of these sites/services are a “middle man” set up. The problem with such a service is that ‘they’ have to add their fees to make a profit. This usually is how business is […]

QROPS List Info

We are finding that the QROPS list provided by the HMRC, is constantly updated with amendments, additions and removal of QROPS providers and information. To keep you fully updated we have created a download link for the QROPS List from this site. You will find the link at the bottom of this page and will […]

QROPS and the cost of Retirement

Many experts believe that in the aftermath of the global market turmoil, we will be left in an ever increasing world of inflation. Added to the bad news is that according to a recent report, pensioners are suffering a much higher rate of inflation than expected. The research showed a rate of around 9%. The […]

Moving pension investments with QROPS

In difficult economic times as we are seeing now, it is extremely important to have the ability to move your investments quickly. The reason being, firstly to get out of falling funds and then to quickly take advantage of rising investments. Today the US stock markets saw their best day since the rebound after the […]

QROPS Adviser solutions

QROPS .net is unique in the services we provide. Below is a breakdown of what we offer. We supply solutions for: Individuals who require QROPS advice and want expert pension investment guidance. Being independent allows us to offer you impartial, unbiased advice. Finding the best QROPS and then tailor-making a pension investment plan to exactly […]

QROPS Disclaimer Alert

After the HMRC removed Singapore QROPS schemes from the list of authorised QROPS, HMRC have tightened up on all the rules to prevent schemes from promising pension busting solutions. This move has been welcomed by many as security and safety of the pension holder should be the first priority. One of the changes noticed has […]

QROPS, SIPPS and Compensation

Concern about pension providers going bust is becoming a hot topic. Standard UK pensions have a life insurance element to them, making them covered by insurance compensation, which is 100% of the first £2,000 and then 90% of the rest with no upper limit. For example if you had a pension pot of £500,000 and […]